We offer a 10th Year Programme for students who have completed compulsory schooling and wish to further strengthen skills before applying for a vocational apprenticeship or entering a further learning institution.

Extraordinary care is provided in classes that are small, with 12-14 students per group. Lessons are given in both English and German, with a focus on building a strong foundation of concepts and skills. Gaps in understanding are addressed through intensive support and guidance. High achieving students are appropriately challenged and supported. Our goal is to develop self-confident, responsible students capable of working independently to reason and solve problems.

English skills are strengthened through English language lessons at school and time spent abroad in England, either in an intensive language course or an internship.

Academic skills in German, maths, French and computer technology are also strengthened. Students may complete the programme with classes in business & law and accounting.

Students work towards specific accomplishments that add value to their credentials and C.V. such as Cambridge Exams, DELF/DALF and ECDL.

Athletically or musically talented students are supported at LMS through accommodations in their school timetable as training schedules and competition requirements arise.

Apollo Year

Our Apollo-Year Programme (so named after the Greek god Apollo, known as the god of light) was created to address the individual needs of those students who do not succeed in grammar school. Students are supported to deal with this experience and to re-discover a love of learning. Each student is encouraged to focus on a new pathway on their learning journey as they receive intensive support in a calm and motivating learning environment. There are many possibilities for further education, and students will be informed and guided in these choices. Students are prepared according to their abilities and preferences for college, a vocational apprenticeship or re-entry into a short-term grammar school.

Students participating in our Apollo-Year Programme receive an individualised school timetable. For more information, please make an appointment with a member of school management.