Children in our primary school enjoy small classes of mixed age groups.

Small classes and individual development

Our high teacher-student ratio helps to ensure the individual attention necessary to diversify learning experiences according to children’s strengths, needs and learning styles. In this manner, a strong foundation of important concepts and the variety of necessary skills to explore them can be established for all children, including those experiencing learning difficulties or requiring extra challenges.

Learning communities are established in which it is ‚safe’ to question, share ideas, and explore wonderings. Our teaching team and school management work closely together to ensure that learning difficulties or gaps in understanding are identified and addressed through appropriate support in a timely manner.

Primarschule Primarschule

Well prepared for grammar school or secondary school

Our unique curriculum meets all of the requirements established by the Canton of Luzern, thus successful students are qualified to attend Swiss public school when they graduate LMS-SCHULE.

At the beginning of 5th grade, the transition process begins. This procedure is in accordance with the public regulations. During this time the children themselves and their academic performance are specially observed and evaluated in order to determine the next level of education.

Primarschule Primarschule

Gifted learner development

For academically talented or highly-able children, we offer a programme that challenges individuals according to their unique strengths and interests. This is a half-day, once weekly programme, led by an experienced teacher. For athletically or musically talented children, we are pleased to accommodate scheduling needs so that they are able to meet with their coaches and compete.