The LMS-SCHULE is a private day school that offers a high-quality education. Our curriculum is based on the curriculum of the canton of Luzern. We regard these educational goals as a minimum requirement. When pedagogically relevant or didactically necessary, additional curriculum content will be conveyed, because we believe the benefits of all-round general knowledge should not be underestimated.

The well-being of every child lies at the heart of our philosophy. This belief also influences our pedagogical concept, and thus our daily actions. Since every child has different needs and different ways of working, we approach each pupil individually. It is therefore important for us to keep in close contact with parents and children, in order to understand their individual expectations and to offer optimal support where necessary. This approach allows us to ensure that we can prepare our students, in the best possible way, for the challenges of the future - be it in a secondary school or a professional apprenticeship.

Small classes and individual development

Learning needs time and targeted support. We offer both to our students at LMS-SCHULE. Thanks to manageable class sizes of 12-14 students, we are able to give our learners the opportunity to develop in a kind and nurturing working environment. This intensive support is intended to ensure targeted development. In addition, difficulties can be identified and corrected more quickly, so that our learners can focus on their individual goals.

A calm and concentrated learning environment is very important to us. Mutual consideration, respect and tolerance are consistently demanded. Our goal, together with you as parents, is to encourage and support your children in the best possible way and to prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Gifted and talented and sports development

Every talent deserves to be developed. At LMS-Schule, we attach great importance to supporting learners in the development of these talents. We distinguish between two types of development:

Gifted learner development: Highly-able students are specially supported by us. In our enrichment programmes, learners are taught in natural sciences and general education. The focus is on material for which there is little time available in regular classes.

Talent and sports development: A personalised timetable can be offered to athletes, sports enthusiasts and those with musical talents who train intensively during their free time. Academic and talent development can thus be optimally coordinated with one another.

Our model for success

LMS Primary and Secondary School graduates meet all the minimum requirements that the state demands from the curriculum. The transfer to secondary schools (long-term and short-term grammar school as well as other middle schools) takes place according to the cantonal transition procedure. Students who are planning a professional apprenticeship are prepared with this goal in mind. Whatever the situation, we try to find the best possible solution for each child and their parents.

Our success is demonstrable and we are proud that since the founding of LMS-Schule:

  • All students, who have been recommended for a cantonal grammar school (Kantonsschule), have passed the first year.
  • All our school leavers have found a suitable setting in which to continue their education.