As a family-run company, quality is at the forefront of everything we do - be it in the classroom, in our relationships with parents, or in school and company management.

A comprehensive education          

The schools of the FOUR-FOREST Group offer students from pre-school, kindergarten, primary and secondary level a comprehensive education under one roof and a streamlined transition to a long or short-term grammar school, another secondary school or a professional apprenticeship.

The curricula are based on the respective cantonal curricula. In our bilingual schools, additional elements are taken from the British National Curriculum.

The following statements reflect our core values:

  • a respectful relationship with one another
  • to create a calm and friendly learning environment
  • to nurture a joy of learning
  • to promote the independence of children and young people


Targeted progression in a performance-oriented and supportive environment

We offer our students an optimised learning environment by creating a familial atmosphere. Learning should take place naturally as part of a child`s wider interests and life experiences. We support and promote children's progression in a targeted manner and discuss their progress with them and their parents. Children should be able to grow as a result of successful experiences and thereby reach their full potential. Our teachers model different learning styles and methods through their teaching, in order to allow each child to individually develop their own study skills.

By keeping class sizes small, students' individual needs can be addressed during lesson time. When required, additional support and support teaching is used.

An enriching and rewarding school community

Our schools organise regular class and whole school events and activities such as; sports days, autumn camps, ski days or celebrations of annual festivals throughout the year. As a result, children experience how, whether old or young, we can learn from each other. At the same time students learn, through taking part in class council, how different opinions and positions can be represented in a discussion. Through our diverse and lively school community, our students should learn and, more importantly, experience respect, tolerance and openness.

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A modern and family-friendly day school

We offer our parents a modern and family-friendly day school. This begins with supervision before lessons begin in the morning from 7.30am. Children stay in school and are supervised over lunchtime and after school. There is a wide range of activities and courses within the framework of the after-school club, which is open until 6.00pm. Homework can also be done during this time in the homework club.

In our day school children play, eat, and work together learning to share, to play together, or to solve conflicts.

An outward-looking, non-political and non-denominational school

Our schools are outward-looking, non-political and non-denominational. Quality lies at the centre of our actions. Our aim is to deliver quality in the classroom, in the care and support of the students, in our relationship with parents and in the school and company management.