Welcome to LMS-SCHULE in Luzern. We are very pleased that you are interested in our school. LMS-SCHULE is a state-recognised, non-political and non-denominational private day school. Our school belongs to the successful group of FOUR-FOREST schools of Central Switzerland.

Kilian Graf 

What we offer

Our pedagogy is aimed at parents who are interested in a high-quality school with a programme tailored to their children. We offer a German-language programme for primary classes  and secondary classes 1-3. Working with FOUR-FOREST School, we are also able to offer a bilingual 10th class as a year of continuing education. For over 13 years, our goal has been to give our students the tools they need to successfully complete grammar school, another secondary school or a professional apprenticeship.

Our educational concept

Small classes, a quiet and calm working atmosphere and dedicated, motivated teachers are the three main pillars of our philosophy. We work hard every day to bring out the best in every student. To help us achieve this we focus on highly individualised teaching, which allows us to promote not only the strengths of each individual child, but also to make up specific knowledge deficits. This is done in small groups of 12-14 learners in mixed-age classes.

Gifted and talented students

We know that every child has special gifts and talents. It is our mission to promote and develop them. For this reason, we have put together a special enrichment programme for gifted and talented children and young people. The children are withdrawn from half a day of regular lessons and, under the guidance of specialist staff, are taught natural sciences and general education. This opportunity is open to both students of LMS-SCHULE and the FOUR-FOREST schools, as well as to external students, subject to them meeting specific entrance criteria.

We also want to give athletically and musically gifted children and young people the opportunity to develop their talents. Hence, we will support your child in various ways, for example with an adapted timetable, to allow them to pursue their extra-curricular activities.

We measure ourselves against the success of our students. We would like to invite you to visit our school in Luzern on the idyllic Rotsee. Please make an appointment with us. We look forward to meeting you personally.

Kilian Graf

Head of School Management